To sign up for E2School, go to and click on 'SIGN UP'.

You will see a list of all available courses- free and paid. Click on each package to select it. You may select just one or all of them! 

'Placement Test' and 'Grammar Review' are both free and we recommend that you select these. The full versions of 'Level 0 - Beginner' and 'Level 1 - Lower Intermediate' are also available for free.

'SpeakingLab', 'Level 2 - Intermediate', 'Level 3 - Upper Intermediate' and 'Level 4 - Advanced (Test Ready)' each has a free version and a paid version. To understand the difference, please click here.

Your total price will be shown at the bottom right-hand corner if you have selected one or more paid courses. When you are ready, click 'CONTINUE':

Type in your email address and then type in your password twice, then click 'NEXT'.

After selecting your payment method, click on the 'PROCESS' button once only.

 There will be a message asking you to check your email:

Check your email Inbox and Spam folders for an activation email from E2School. In that email, click 'ACTIVATE NOW'.

You will be brought to the E2School login page and a message confirming that your account has been successfully activated.

When you click on the 'LOGIN NOW!' button, you will see your student dashboard. You are now ready to go!

Not sure what to do next? Read our FAQ "Where do I start?"