A Live Class works best on a laptop or desktop computer, with the Chrome browser.

Login at www.e2school.com and go to "Live Classes" on the LEFT of your student dashboard.

You will see a list of classes with their time and date in your local timezone.

(Need to change your timezone settings? Click here: I want to change my timezone settings?)

Find the class you want and click on the "Action" icon next to it.

You will receive an email confirmation. Check this email for the date/time. The time stated in your registration confirmation email will be on the Universal Time (UTC). We recommend that you check your equivalent timezone by using this tool.

We recommend that you test Zoom here before your classes start. A few minutes before the live class starts, click on the Zoom link to open the class in a new tab. 

If you have any trouble with Zoom, please contact our Support team at hello@e2school.com. 

If you are unable to attend a live class or have missed a class, see What if I miss a Live Class, or cannot make that time?