We offer the full versions of our Level 0, Level 1 and Grammar Review courses for free. There is only one version of each of these courses.

We offer two different versions of each of our Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and SpeakingLab courses - the free version and the paid version. 

  • Both of these versions last for 180 days¬†
  • Both of these versions give you full access to all course materials, live classes and automatically-marked assessments
  • The paid versions ALSO give you teacher-marked assessments, which means you get more comprehensive and personalised feedback.

If you have the free version and you would like to get teacher feedback via the paid version, you can buy the paid version from your account using the instructions here. Please note that your progress in the course may be reset when you do this - if you are concerned about this, please contact our support team before you purchase on hello@e2school.com.