Level 2 is an intermediate course, to help you:

  • Learn how to use native speaker English

  • Ask and answer questions in everyday, real-life situations

  • Explain your ideas about the past, present and future

  • Be more confident in conversations

  • Study and practise the rules to build sentences

  • Talk about everyday topics

  • Practise every skill in each lesson (listening, reading, writing and speaking)

Who is the course for?

Level 2 is for lower-intermediate students who want to learn English. To be ready for this course, you should be at a lower intermediate (B1) level. This course will help you reach IELTS score 5.0 or intermediate.

Your English goals:

  • I want to review the basics

  • I want to live in an English-speaking country¬†

  • I want to prepare for an exam (Cambridge B1 PET / PTE General Level 2)

How is the course organised?

There are 10 units and each unit consists of 6 lessons:

  • Education

  • Sport

  • Social Events

  • Transport

  • Professions

  • Entertainment

  • Purchases

  • Romance

  • Healthcare

  • Life stages

Please find some examples of lessons, topics and grammar skills covered in the Level 2 course below: