Level 3 is an upper-intermediate level course designed to:


  • develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills 

  • build your language knowledge

  • increase your bank of academic and topic-specific vocabulary

  • familiarise you with the Cambridge English: First exam

  • practise the task types common to the Cambridge First exam 


You can study at your own pace through the course materials. We recommend that you come along to our Live Classes to learn together with our expert teacher and other students.


Who is the course for?

Level 3 is for upper-intermediate level students who want to improve their English. To be ready for this course, you should be at a high intermediate level (B1+) or have completed Level 2 on E2School.com.


Your English goals: 

  • I want to improve my level of English

  • I want to work or study in an English language context

  • I want to prepare for the Cambridge English: First exam

How is the course organised?


The course runs on a 12-week cycle and you can join at any time. Each week, there is one self-study Lesson and two Live Classes. Check the schedule to see the Live Class times and topics.

Please find some examples of lessons, topics and skills covered in the Level 3 course below:

How do I do the course?

You can learn anytime, anywhere! 

The course is divided into 12 topics: ANIMALS, FRIENDS, STUDY, FOOD & DRINK, THE ENVIRONMENT, HOBBIES, TRAVEL, FAMILY, SPORT, FASHION, SCIENCE, WORK. With each topic, you will learn some specific-related vocabulary with a skill (reading, listening, speaking or writing). First, complete the vocabulary-building activities, for example, Animals:

After you have completed the vocabulary-building activity to the 'Animal' topic, you can check how much you have learned by doing the reading activities as seen here:

You will have some speaking and writing assessments along the way so be sure to attempt the tests only when you are ready because you will only be able to submit each test once.

If you have questions about 'Level 3', please feel free to email us at hello@e2school.com.