SpeakingLab is a pronunciation course, to help you:

  • Learn the 40+ sounds of English, one by one
  • Speak more clearly
  • Be easily understood by others
  • Be more confident when speaking
  • Sound more like a native speaker


What does the course include?

  • Lessons on how to say each sound in English
  • Hundreds of interactive listening and speaking exercises
  • Automated feedback on your pronunciation


Who is the course for?

  • Students of any level
  • Students who want to improve their pronunciation
  • Students who are preparing for IELTS, PTE, TOEFL or OET


How do I do the course?

You can learn anytime, anywhere! 

The course is divided into 5 parts: short vowels, long vowels, combined vowels, voiced consonants and unvoiced consonants. Each part has different sounds. 


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 Each sound has a lesson and exercises. First, do the lesson. Then, do the listening and speaking exercises.

After you have completed the lesson and practice exercises for each sound, you can check how much you have improved by doing the tests. You will be tested on both listening and speaking.

This is an example of the 'Highlight the Words' Listening Test:

This is an example of the 'Word Perfect' Speaking Test:

You will receive a score at the end of your test. Be sure to attempt the test only when you are ready because you will only be able to submit each test once.

If you have questions about 'SpeakingLab', please feel free to email us at hello@e2school.com.