If you are on our paid Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 courses, you will receive writing assessments to complete for personalised teacher feedback. You will need to submit them via the portal and wait for feedback from your teacher. 

You will generally receive your feedback within 48 hours. You can go back to the same section where you have submitted the assessment to check the teacher feedback. To see the criteria we mark them under, please check What feedback will I receive on my writing assessment?

To submit your writing assessment:


1. Log in to your E2School account.

2. Go to 'My Assessments' located on your left sidebar menu and then click on ' Level 2', 'Level 3' or 'Level 4'.

3. Select the module that you would like to study and then click on the name of the relevant assessments. For example, if you would like to complete the Level 4 Writing Progress Check in the first module, click on 'Culture & Society' and then on 'Writing Progress Check'. 

4. Type your essay in the text box under the line 'Type your essay here'. Then, click on 'SAVE' if you would like to come back to complete it later. Alternatively, click on 'SUBMIT' to send your essay to your teacher for marking.

Once your writing assessment is submitted, please wait for at least 48 hours for your feedback to be processed.  

If you need assistance with submitting or purchasing the writing assessments, please feel free to email us at hello@e2school.com.