This is our Bronze Package: valued at USD$9 per month!

For information on how the monthly subscription works, see: What is a subscription?

The Bronze Package is the perfect choice for you if you want to:

  • work at your own pace with our resources on the platform.
  • work independently with the help of our useful resources. 
  • work flexibly as this package has the option to cancel anytime!

The Bronze Package is valid for as long as you need it because you can CANCEL your subscription ANYTIME!

It includes a variety of different resources to help you practise all skill areas for reading, listening, writing & speaking! The Bronze Package includes ALL live classes, ALL practise lessons and auto-graded tests.

In comparison to a Free Package, you have unlimited access to our Live Classes. You can choose which class to attend each time: Listening, Speaking, Writing or Reading depending on your needs.

It also comes with live class recordings, and you can watch as many of these as you like. Note each recording is only available for 2 weeks after the class has taken place!

The Bronze Package DOES NOT come with any teacher graded speaking/writing feedback or one-on-one tutorials with our expert teachers. However, you can purchase a Study Plan Consultation, Tutorial or a Certificate Test from the "Teacher Meetings" tab on your home page. OR you can simply upgrade to our Silver or Gold Packages which include teacher graded speaking/writing feedback, tutorials and more validity!

For more information on our Bronze Package, please see our website.


If you would like help in choosing a package or simply deciding on which course is best for you, email our Helpdesk at